Apr 21, 2009

libra?.bintang aku..xoxo

Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22)


The Bottom Line

You're in an excellent position to adapt and get past any obstacles in your way.

In Detail

You might think you've got all your ducks lined up in a neat row, but today something will come along to toss a wrench into the works. Luckily, you're in an excellent position to adapt and get past it. Even if you're asked to pick up the pace considerably, you can turn this time challenge into an opportunity to impress. Streamline your tasks and focus only on the essentials. That way, you'll be able to avoid distractions and make some speedy progress.

Apr 19, 2009

calon isteri kowang kene cari?..

Comelnya si wardina.aku suka bangat kat Wardina,terutama semasa mengacara MHI(Malaysia Hari Ini) dan telah nampak sifat keayuannyer..lawa seyh..dush3.

di dalam rancangan dia.Tetapi alhamdulillah,beliau telah mendapat hidayah dan terus menjadi wanita yang soleha.Bertuah aku if pat bini cam Wardina kerana mendapat isteri yang soleha seperti dia..

Apr 17, 2009

story ckit sal aku?..

About me:


3 bende?

-x suke pompuan hipokrit
-aku jnis kawan susah mati
-do what i want to do

Apr 12, 2009

convo aku..yahuuu

my convo

thanx to all for wish me..
luv u my buddy
the sweet memory will
never forgotten