Mar 23, 2009

holiday kat langkawi


holiday kat caner..
14 march till 17 march
so sweet at that time
release tension
hang out
really miss dat moment


✖Mizz Yasmin✖ said...

did you have a wonderful time?
holiday is great!

Anonymous said...

beshnye p langkawi...
btw, nk gato..
anda d tag!haha

Babylicious said...

hey thanks for adding me. btw i'm just started writing in the blogger site. oh yeah, u've a lot of nice photos.

khairul akmal bin azman said...

thanx all..

Jue said...

wohoo!!jumpa entry memula dulu ngeh ngeh ngeh..muka ko mcm naseer wahab lah!

khairul akmal bin azman said...

jue: 2 tahun lepas 2..x "jambu" langsung kan..